4Pc Ikkat HandCrafted Vegan Leather Accessory Set


Bright Red, Tie-Dye Ikkat Woven, Vegan Leather HandCrafted Accessory Set

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This Fabric is handloom woven and / or hand printed using vegetable dyes. There might be slight irregularities in the motif & colour shade which is a result of human involvement & is a hallmark of fabrics made by hand. Since the fabric is dyed using natural, vegetable dyes, it may rub dry or bleed colour on coming in contact with water for the first time. SHIPPED SAME DAY OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

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Authentic Handmade Ikkat Woven Accessory 4pc Set includes – 1 Handbag, 1 Wallet, 1 Mini-Wallet, 1-pair Juttis (Size-8), all made using Vegan Leather

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